From Duality to Oneness: The Sacred Mystery of Yuletide

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And here we are, coming to the end of Late Autumn. It’s been a time of releasing. A time of inner work and letting go.
In fact the moon cycle that we just completed over the weekend–beginning with the new moon in late October, moving to the full Hunter’s moon of early November, and back to the new moon of this past weekend––highlighted for me just how intense and transformative this entire time of year has been.

Full moon and new moon, woman and man, inward and outward, above and below, day and night, yin and yang, expand and contract, light and dark, life and death… I could go on.
All of life on earth is based on our sacred understanding of duality.
But even duality itself has its partner and counterbalance in the state of wholeness and oneness.
At the summer solstice we reached the point in the year when the energy of duality is at its peak. Known as the Crisis or Apex archetype, it is definitely not a peaceful time.
But when we honoured the passing of the year into death at Halloween we began to leave the world of duality behind.
And so now, as we approach the winter solstice, we are standing opposite the summer’s peak duality, completing that cycle by moving towards the point in the year when duality ceases to exist.
Peace on earth, good will towards men… Isn’t that how the song goes? Because for these brief few weeks of Advent we ARE all one. Together. United, whole and complete as we spiral down into the darkness.
I was actually thinking about why it is that the winter holiday season is still so popular. Still so beloved, really. Steeped in tradition. Honestly so little about this festival has changed over the centuries. It’s quite remarkable.
And when you compare it to basically all other festivals and holidays in the western world, it becomes even more astounding. Nothing else seems to spark in most people the emotional reaction that these few weeks in December do.
And that’s what gave me the answer to my wondering: It was all about the emotion.
These holidays still feel relevant compared to the others, because they are. They still fulfill a deep emotional need in us to light up and bring joy to these darkest of days. To celebrate this sense of wholeness and connection to source and to each other.
Think of us as moving down through the birth canal of the cycle, preparing to burst forth into the light.
Now imagine if you allowed yourself to celebrate that sacred spiral and moved mindfully through Advent, reclaiming the simple joy that these four weeks are meant to illicit in us…. Rather than getting caught up in the bullshit and materialism that the greeting-card companies would have you accept as this season’s only meaning.
This is exactly WHY I’m offering Waiting for the Light this Advent.
It’s not just so that you can get your checklists and plans for the season in order. (Although that’ll be a great side benefit.)
What this course is really about is looking together at this season’s deeper meaning and purpose through folklore, history, ritual and tradition, so that we can explore that sense of magical togetherness that comes from being reunited with the whole before descending into the darkness.
Until, like the sun, we spiral forth again in our own rebirth.
So if you’ve been thinking about taking part in Waiting for the light, if you’re being called to walk this path and take this journey, I’d LOVE for you to join us! Click the image below to learn more!

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