Are you Ready for
Hustle-Free Happiness?

Learn how to align your life
with the seasonal rhythms of the year

Are you ready for Hustle-Free Happiness?

Learn how to align your life
with the seasonal rhythms of the year

“There must be more to life than this.”

Do those words cut through your heart like a knife?

Does moving through the routines of daily life leave you feeling hollow?

And when you spend time in nature, does it stir feelings in you that you can’t quite put your finger on? Like nostalgia for something you almost remember (or never knew in the first place).

Feeling Hollow

There’s a feeling of disconnect running through your days, and you’re tired of it.

You’ve trained yourself not to look too closely at it. . . not to poke the bear. . . but it gets acted out in the choices you make, and the longing you feel each and every day.

You know there’s more to it.
Like an iceberg, something deeper lies beneath the surface…

I used to feel this way ALL THE TIME.

I consider myself a sensitive person, an intuitive person, but no matter what I did, life kept throwing me unpredictable curve balls. Even my best laid plans and intentions would fall flat.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Seasontide is an online community for those who deeply believe in living life in tune with the rhythm of the seasons.


We are led by our hearts, intent on building meaning into our days . . . our years . . . our lives.

Hello + Welcome
My name is Sarah Jenkinson.

For years I felt this same way. I just couldn’t make myself get on that non-stop hamster wheel of modern life. I was yearning for the same thing you are now:


There’s something deep and abiding about our connection to the seasonal rhythms of the year, and I’ve spent the last 10 years studying these connections.

Sarah Jenkinson

I’ve uncovering their deep symbolic meaning, what it is about them that speaks to the human soul, and why they still drive us today.

But must of us have forgotten how to decipher the symbols of the natural world, and so we no longer understand their archetypal messages.

This integral piece has been lost along the way, and I think it’s about time we brought it back to our lives!

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Community members share their experience…

This was even more valuable – and practical – than I’d imagined.

I recommend this workshop to everyone. We all have such “busy” lives. The insights and clarity I received in your workshop have helped me with that out-of-control feeling.

Everyone I know wants the same thing: to feel like they’re living in the moment, celebrating their accomplishments, and resting when they need to rest. This course teaches you how to make it happen, how to find a natural structure in an easy and reasonable way.

Sarah Selecky

Author + Teacher, Story Is a State of Mind School

I’m about 15 minutes into the free 30-minute workshop class and just completed the first worksheet.


I am leaving my worksheet right now, and my computer, and although it’s after 9PM, I’m going outside to walk along the river near my place.

Thank you from my deepest heart for this mini-workshop. What you’ve put together here is beautiful and necessary.

Sheryl Gervais

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”


~ Joseph Campbell

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Are you ready for Hustle-Free Happiness?

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